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We want youth to join our WRA Junior Crew! We have an incredible crew of rowers from all across the Wichita area, and there is always room for more. Interested in teamwork, competition, belonging, and success?

Check out the WRA Junior rowing program!

Learn To Row

Have you ever wanted to learn how to row? Well you are invited to experience the joy of rowing with the Wichita Rowing Association! Just a few hours of instruction on the basics of safety, river rules, and rowing technique will get you on the water.


Interested in rowing? If you have never experienced rowing, we require you take our Learn to Row class.  If you are an experienced rower, join here.  WRA members have access to club-owned equipment for recreational or competitive rowing.  Rowing is a lifetime endeavor.  Enjoy!



Wichita Rowing Association

P.O. Box 2785, Wichita, KS 67201-2785
Riverside Rowing Center located at
531 Nims | South Riverside Park
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