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Rowing through the very heart of Wichita, on the Little Arkansas River, with the sound of crew calls as you pass by in the early morning sun is a mesmerizing chant. The Wichita Rowing Association has launched the WCRC initiative to realize this vision and make the Little Arkansas River a more usable resource for the entire Wichita community. It is the Wichita Rowing Association’s mission and passion to build, operate and maintain the Wichita Community Rowing Center. Wichita rowers are currently rowing from a temporary Wichita Community Rowing shelter, a facility built by members of the Wichita Rowing Association with the support of the rowing community and the Wichita Parks & Recreation Department.

Concept for the Wichita Community Rowing Center

Donors as of March 26, 2017


+*Jay Pfeiffer

+Don & Lee Wadsworth

CAPTAIN LEVEL ($10,000 – $24,999)

Charles Harding

+Bob & Carol Lakin

+*Steve Owens

+Jim & Cissy Schmidt

STROKE LEVEL ($5,000 – $9,999)

Jennifer Johnson In Memory of Roger

Carmen Rosales

ENGINE ROOM LEVEL ($1,000 – $4,999)

Jay & Denise Aldrich

+Leah Condon

+Kimberly Engber

Erick & Merideth Geirhart

Karin Koch

*Anne Maack

+*Marty Smith

Cathy Spencer

Bob Symonds

+*Bill & Carrie Van Sickle

John Wadsworth

Janet Wollmann 

BOW LEVEL ($120 – $999)

*Phillip Baweja

Jennifer Brown

Michael & Elizabeth Depinto

Eric Gordon

Michael & Sara Haden

Timothy & Michelle Hills

Bob Hinson

Samantha Hughes

William Ingle

ISURUS Market Research & Consulting

Donna Jensen

Maxim Kokurin

Diane Loehr

Therese McGill

Kim Oblak

Darla Orth

Emily Ruthven

Michelle Schell

Sherry Schmidt

Robert & Jannelle Stallbaumer

+Allen & Stephanie Strickler

*Jeremy Taylor

Jennifer Thuener

Peter Yurka

Brenda Zobkiw

* 2017 WRA Board Member

+ also contributed to temp shelter

Wichita Rowing Association

P.O. Box 2785, Wichita, KS 67201-2785
Rowing Center Located at
551 Nimms | South Riverside Park

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